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A selfie cannot make a criminal innocent

Syeda Nasima: Practising solicitor, London

The current prime minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, has started the photo business. Now the question is whether taking a photo with the President of America and with the Prime Minister of UK will forgive all her past crimes? Will the people want to put her in power again?

As a head of state, during the rule of Sheikh Hasina for the last 15 years, all kinds of extrajudicial killings, disappearances, torture and abuse of power have been committed in Bangladesh, Most of the orders have come from the government herself, the direct witness to the former justice Surendra Kumar Sinha.

Moreover, the testimonies of the victims of disappearances at various times have proved the involvement of high-level ministers and MPs of Sheikh Hasina’s party in every extrajudicial crime.

Even by spending people’s money, India’s G-point or G-20 and even BRICS did not have anything official to do in Bangladesh. Still, she went to BRICS with much hesitation and spent thousands of dollars. Just came back with empty hands and took some pictures to show the world that all these Westernise countries’ leaders supported me.

This time there was no work for Bangladesh in G-20 either, Since it is a festival next door, she got invited and rushed with his family members and as usual took some pictures. In case the opportunity for a selfie with Biden never came later, Momen Sir got a selfie by requesting it via Blinkon. Here are some pictures of Aryan. However, the expression on the face of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in the film seems to have given a different message to the world.

In another picture where everyone has walked barefoot to pay respects to Gandhi’s memory, Rishi Sunak kneels and salutes the then senior citizen Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, showing her usual politeness and maybe as a woman, Shraddha may have behaved respectfully. Her party’s election propaganda is going on in the country by making it an issue.

Now this picture is also being used as part of the election campaign. An excellent report has been written about her attendance at the G-20 summit in some Indian newspapers, which can be read to understand what happened there what is everyone’s motive behind the incident and why this selfie drama.

It should be wondered how a politically bankrupt Awami League gets the chance to go to such important conferences.

In the real sense, when a person commits a crime, he or she has to stand trial, and if he or she is accused of murder, he or she is sentenced to life imprisonment or death sentence by the court! But if someone commits thousands of crimes and tries hard to look good to people, to prove his or her innocence to society, then will he or she become good or innocent? Will his or her sentence be reduced? No, it is never possible!

Because of the law of every country in the world, the punishment for a murderer is life imprisonment or Death penalty There can be no other crime as heinous as murder, so there is no second way of escape for those who are involved in such a heinous crime or are only guilty of murder.

Sheikh Hasina attended the G-20 summit in India but she did not realize that the world understands and knows about her speculations.

The question in the minds of every leader and worker of the country’s main opposition party Bangladesh Nationalist Party living in the UK is ‘If Rishi Sunak shows such respect to Sheikh Hasina, it will be a shame for the UK because she is a dictator and there is no rule of law or a ruler elected by the people. Human rights have been destroyed under her leadership in Bangladesh, and people have lost their freedom of speech, voting rights, and the rule of law.

Rishi Sunak faces backlash for kneeling in front of Bangladeshi authoritarian PM Sheikh Hasina

It is appalling for the UK Prime Minister to show such affection, as her party is exploiting this image in Bangladesh, suggesting it involves the killing of human rights and democracy.

Is it so easy to escape from the pending punishment in the international court for stealing votes and killing people, will the people forgive Sheikh Hasina even in their life?

“Rishi Sunak faces backlash for kneeling in front of Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina Targeted wave of violent protests calling for free fair elections amid reports of human rights abuses.”


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