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Banshkhali UP chairman Mujibul Haque threatened to beat the US ambassador

Dhaka office, November 09; Chairman of Chambal Union of Chittagong’s Banshkhali and convener of Union Awami League Mujibul Haque Chowdhury has threatened to beat up US Ambassador Peter Haas. He made this threat while addressing the anti-hartal march and protest rally last Monday(6 November). He also aired the speech on his Facebook Live.

He addressed Peter Haas in Chittagong’s regional language at a meeting organized by Chambal Union Awami League to protest BNP-Jamaat ‘strike and anarchy’. His 18-and-a-half-minute speech at the rally has spread through Facebook. 3 thousand 800 people have seen that Facebook video till three o’clock on Wednesday(8 November).

In his speech, along with BNP-Jamaat, American President Joe Biden, Ambassador Peter Haas and Nobel laureate Dr. Muhammad Yunus criticized. Earlier, Mujibul Haque Chowdhury came to the discussion that he will have people at the polling station to press the EVM button during the Union Parishad elections. Since then he was known as ‘Tip Mara Mujib’ (stamping Mujib).

Mujibul Haque addressed the US ambassador in Chittagong’s regional language at the rally organized in Chambal, “Peter Haas is saying that there will be a fair election here. Peter Haas we are not afraid of you. We eat coarse rice. You are God of BNP. But we Awami League do not sell faith. I will kill you like this, then you will understand how evil Bengalis are.’

Mujibul also said, ‘America was against the freedom struggle of Bangladesh. It was against Bangabandhu, it was against Awami League. Do whatever you do. You can turn the stick on BNP, you can’t tear a single hair of us.’

In his speech, he further said, ‘When the people of Bangladesh are repeatedly rejecting BNP-Jamaat, they are being promoted as a terrorist group all over the world, then they are going abroad and holding dharna. Going to Joe Biden. More are going to other European countries. Now everyone has retreated. Joe Biden remains. What is left for? President Joe Biden has asked Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for St. Martin’s Island in Cox’s Bazar. Our leader says, I am Bangabandhu’s daughter. I don’t need power. I will not sell the wealth of Bangladesh.’

He said about Dr Yunus, ‘There is another one among them. He charges interest. For this reason Dr. Yunus will not succeed. But Bangabandhu has opened the tunnel for the people of South Chittagong.

Mujibul Haque Chowdhury was elected chairman of Chambal Union for the second time on October 12 last year. Earlier, elections were held in all the unions of Banskhali except Chambal on June 15. During the election campaign, Chambal UP chairman candidate Mujibul Haque Chowdhury came into the discussion by making controversial comments. Due to his controversial comments, his election in UP was postponed.

After the election campaign started for the first time, on May 28 last year, Mujibul Haque Chowdhury commented in a meeting that ‘I will have my people at the center to press the button’. Then on June 2 of last year, Mujibul Haque Chowdhury again commented, ‘If we say it is right, it is right; if we say it is wrong, it is wrong. Finger is yours, I will tip.’ His controversial comments again stormed the polls. After that, the election was postponed by the Election Commission. A case was also filed against Mujib.


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