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Context BD-Aug 30: UN Day for the Victims of Enforced Disappearances

Q M Jalal Khan, From Canada

Enforced disappearances, human and citizens’ rights abuses, and widespread detentions of innocent civilians are the go of the day in Bangladesh under the brutally beastly sociopath and psychopath ‘hasina’. Those crimes and criminal acts by the she-devil are so regular and rampant that the entire country is caught under fear, fright, coercion, capitulation, and intimidation.

Despite their common occurrences, there is hardly any loud and meaningful protest either by the opposition parties or the mass media, most of the latter being anti-state and anti-Muslim lackeys of the fascist ‘hasina’ for the sake of making good on their fattening mammonite greed.  There is an utterly deplorable and despicable bankruptcy—moral, ethical, and political—of the most of the mainstream media and the majority of journalists, who, in their toadish and tawdry loyalty and their sickening flattery and sycophancy to the Hinduized and Modi-fied ‘hasina’ regime, have most slavishly, shamelessly and unscrupulously chosen to be infected with a pro-Indian Hindutva virus and to have become a fact-free but not fat-free gluttonous part of the corrupt Awami regime. They have thus diminished and degenerated themselves to the level of the fifth columnists, who ought to be brought to account as the first order of business with the change of government when, not if, that happens. The yellow journalists in the country’s mass media are quiet, even silent, almost to the extent of being deaf and dumb about the hundreds of abductions and assassinations committed by RAW-infiltrated DB and DGFI directly under the control of the unelected ‘mom’ (mother of mafia) ‘hasina’. She has turned the country into a police and prison state of endless oppression, repression and persecution in a most autocratic and authoritarian way. Apart from a series of internationally conspired massacres, human and citizens’ rights abuses continue to occur unabated in dictator ‘hasina’s Bangladesh.

Recently there are videos of such violations that have gone viral in social media. There is, for example, https://youtu.be/QBMeTDu03fc  আয়নাঘরের বন্দী: ডিজিএফআইয়ের গোপন বন্দীশালা which describes the most heinous and horrible DGFI’s torture cells for the innocent people directly under the গুমি খুনী hyena ‘hasina’.

Netranews reports that বাংলাদেশে বলপূর্বক অন্তর্ধান বা গুমের শিকার ব্যক্তিদের কোথায় আটক রাখা হয়? এই প্রশ্নের উত্তর খুঁজতে গিয়েই নারকীয় এক গোপন বন্দীশালার সন্ধান পেয়েছে নেত্র নিউজ। ঢাকায় সামরিক গোয়েন্দা সংস্থা ডিজিএফআইয়ের সদরদপ্তরের ঠিক পেছনেই এই বন্দীশালাটির অবস্থান। দিনের পর দিন, মাসের পর মাস, বছরের পর বছর এখানে বন্দীদের আটক রেখে নির্যাতন করা হয়। আয়নাঘর নামক এই বন্দীশালার দুই সার্ভাইভারের জবানবন্দী এবং বাংলাদেশের সামরিক বাহিনীর সাথে সম্পৃক্ত হুইসেলব্লোয়ারদের দেওয়া তথ্যের ভিত্তিতে নেত্র নিউজের অনুসন্ধানী প্রতিবেদন।

শ্রীলঙ্কা গার্ডিয়ান পত্রিকা লিখেছে: ” 605 people disappeared during 2009-2021; of them, 81 dead bodies were found; a few resurfaced and returned home, bruised and battered; 151 are still missing. Here is a most serious and significant news report about the Hinduized গুমি খুনী Death Squad 100 or Crusader 100 by Jessica Fox: www.srilankaguardian.org/2012/04/bengal-tigers-in-r-cage.html

On the occasion of August 30: UN declared International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances, let us dedicate our political and patriotic efforts to (among hundreds and thousands of others in different fields)—

The martyrs of the judicial murders by ‘hasina’s all kangaroo courts.

All those killed in a most inhuman and beastly manner in the LogiBoitha, BDR, Hefazat, and Jamaat massacres.

Hundreds and thousands of (victims of) extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, police and judicial harassment, judicial injustice, custodial deaths, and the criminals in the police, RAB, RAW, DB, DGFI and Death Squad-100.

Politicians and the members of the respectable Ulema (great Islamic religious scholars) rotting in jail. Thousands of others languishing behind bars for an indefinite period of time, making them lose their sense of sanity and balance.

Those who most unjustly suffered and are still suffering in the hands of the brute Awami police.

Those who have exemplified and contributed to a model of free speech in the field of journalism, civil society and democratic polity and who are playing the most prominent role, at the risk of their lives, in challenging the Hinduized Awami regime, as opposed to those who, in supporting the same fascists, are playing havoc to the cause of the nation and the country.  

Those who are prisoners of conscience under this fiendish and fascist Awami regime. Those who belong to the political opposition and speak out loud against the totally fascist and fiendish ‘hasina’ imposing a mafia thugocracy of force and fraud on the nation.

On this occasion of August 30: UN declared International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances, let us also take the opportunity to remember (among many others, such as all those who are vocal and outspoken in their protest against the unelected ’hasina’, her brutal Death Squad 100 and her nonstop police tyranny) the members of the public and the patriotic opposition parties, writers, intellectuals, academics, professionals, persons in arts and culture, industrialists, businesspersons, etc. and the following:

Mayer Daak (মায়ের ডাক/Mothers’ Call), a platform of the families of more than 600 people who fell victim to enforced disappearances allegedly by government agencies during the fascist Awami rule — en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mayer_Daak

International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances (August 30).

গুম একটি মানবতাবিরোধী অপরাধ ছেলেহারা মায়ের ডাক-হায়েনা হাসিনা ফ্যাসিবাদ নিপাত যাক । পুরা বাংলাদেশ একটি বৃহত্তম আয়নাঘর ।

Brig Gen Abdullahil Amaan Azmi, disappeared since August 2016 (probably still alive living a ‘life in death’ in a dark dungeon under DGFI — আয়নাঘরের বন্দী: ডিজিএফআইয়ের গোপন বন্দীশালা)Barrister Mir Ahmad Bin Quasem Arman, disappeared since 9 August 2016, whose whereabouts – whether already killed or in a small dark DGFI torture cell — still remaining unknown.

(Late) Brig Gen AbdurRahim, who had been rotting in jail since May 2009 before he died there on 15 August 2021. Shaheed Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury and the political leaders hanged to death by ‘hasina’s kangaroo courts.  

Maj Gen Rezzakul Haider Chowdhury, rotting in jail since May 2009. Mr Lutfozzaman Babar, former state minister of home, rotting in jail since 2010.

BUET Engineering student Abrar Fahad, beaten to death in the most gruesome and beastly manner on 7 October 2019.

BNP Standing Committee Member Salahuddin Ahmed (one of the best and finest BNP leaders, who disappeared in Bangladesh and was detained in India, March 2015-October 2018, still exiled in Shillong, prevented from reentering his own country, which has now become a fascist police and prison state).  

M. Ilias Ali, abducted 17 April 2012, probably killed in a most violent and beastly manner.

Chowdhury Alam, abducted June 2010, probably killed – and killed brutally.

Imrul Qayes, a ward-level Jamaat leader from Narail, killed in Dhaka on 19 January 2015.

Nuruzzaman Jonny, a Khilgaon Thana student leader, killed on 20 January 2015, a day after his arrest.

Maj (Ret) Sinha Mohammed Rashed Khan, extrajudicially killed by the police on 31 July 2020.

All those twelve people killed by the ‘hasina’ league just for peacefully protesting against the anti-Muslim Modi’s visit in late March 2021.

Abdur Rahim and Noor-e-Alam (two patriotic local political leaders), killed in Bhola by the beastly ‘hasina’ police league on 31 July 2022.

Raja Ahmed Shawon, killed in Narayanganj by the beastly ‘hasina’ league police on 1 September 2022.

Mamtaz Uddin Ahmed (a Supreme Court lawyer who was beaten and tortured in custody by the heinous ‘hasina’ police to death on 25 August 2011)

Maj Gen Imamuzzaman Chowdhury, unjustly dismissed from service in November 2006.

Earlier, he had prevented the movement of conspiring unpatriotic soldiers towards Dhaka, which led to the failure of the pro-BAL 1996 coup attempt. It was during his tenure as Chairman of BCIC that truck-loads of arms and ammunition were recovered from the jetty of Chittagong Urea Fertilizer Limited, a subsidiary of BCIC.

Capt Maroof Zaman, former Ambassador to Qatar and Vietnam (disappeared, Dec 2017–March 2019).

Lt Col Hasinur Rahman, abducted twice, first time for about 45 days in 2011 and the second time for more than a year and a half (August 2018- 22 February 2020), a ‘resident’ of আয়নাঘরের বন্দী: ডিজিএফআইয়ের গোপন বন্দীশালা

Hummam Quader Chowdhury, a victim of ‘hasina’s enforced disappearances, who disappeared from 4 August 2016 – 3 March 2017.

Members of the Ulema who are languishing in jail and those who continue to contribute to the cause of the Muslim majority nation staying rooted, grounded, and anchored in Muslim ethos and culture.

Q M Jalal Khan, PhD (USA)

Author, Co-Author, Lead Editor of the following:

1.     Bangladesh: Social Media Outcries Against the Awami Fascism (due out this month)

2.     আওয়ামী ফ্যাসিবাদ: দেশপ্রেমের বিদ্রোহী পংক্তিমালা (Awami Fascism in Bangladesh: Patriotic Verses of Rebellion)

www.amazon.co.uk/আওয়ামী-ফ্যাসিবাদ-দেশপ্রেমের-বিদ্রোহী-পংক্তিমালা/dp/1800682638 www.horoppabooks.com/product-page/আওয়-ম-ফ-য-স-ব-দ-দ-শপ-র-ম-র-ব-দ-র-হ-প-ক-ত-ম-ল  

3.     Bangladesh Under Awami Tyranny (WR, February 2022)

4.     President Ziaur Rahman: Legendary Leader of Bangladesh (WR, 2021)

5.     Bangladesh in Bondage: Tarique Rahman, SQC, LB, and Other Essays (Palgrave M, 2021)

6.     Begum Khaleda Zia: People’s Leader of Bangladesh (Academica, 2020)

7.     India’s Hegemonic Design in Bangladesh (WR, 2020)

8.     Bangladesh: Reflections on a Divided Country (P Lang, 2018)

9.     Bangladesh Divided: Reflections on a Corrupt Police and Prison State (P Lang, 2019)

10. Bangladesh: A Suffering People Under State Terrorism (P Lang, 2019).


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