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Sylhet Floods – An appeal

From Councilor Imran Chowdhury B.E.M

I had never seen or heard of this magnitude of Flooding in Sylhet.
Sylhet town is geographically situated on a plateau, a relatively higher feature than the surrounding
flood planes of the river ” old Brahmaputra basin”. (That’s what I have read from the writings of so
many British Historians’ books from the Colonial era and the Military history ). The Hoar systems in the Barak River – Kushiara River – Surma River Valley used to contain the overflow of rainwater trickling down from the upstream.

Ironically this time, it has overwhelmed us all.
It is a human catastrophe! So many houses, standing crops, roads, dwellings, offices, bridges,
railway lines, schools, colleges and universities are submerged under 5- 10 feet of water. Waterborne diseases and malnutrition will engulf the children and the elderly. Global warming, deforestation, unplanned urbanisation, cutting off the hills to make room for development, siltation and land encroachments ( legal and illegal) of the rivers, canals, choras (nullahs) and gorges and above all, sewage/drainage/ garbage disposals have exacerbated this situation. However, that may be a discussion to have had another day. At present we need to help and save the people.

Please help Sylhet to tackle this Human Disaster. I would urge

Writer: An eminent columnist, politician and analyst. www.imranchowhury.org.uk .


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