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Community safety should be the priority in Island Gardens

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London, 22 February : Community safety should be the priority in Island Gardens and adjacent areas. Only the combined efforts by the neighbours could ensure this safety. The speakers of a meeting held on a local community hall on Sunday 20 February organised by Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association.

The community meeting was presided by Island Gardens Coordinator Syed Shofor Ali. Among others Secretary – Johanna Kaschke (THNWA), MET Police Officers Cllr Abdul Wahid and Cllr Peter Golds, Cllr Mufeedah Bustin also present as special guests in the event.

Speakers mentioned in their speeches, our children are our future and we need to make sure that they grow up in a society where they feel safe. In order to do that we as neighbours should look after one another, by creating a safer environment, where our children/residents can be safe. Especially our vulnerable people, all they need is our love, care and support.

They called upon the community members to try to contribute to improve local safety, prevent crime and to raise awareness with their thoughts and creative efforts.

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