Book Review

‘Daddy Says Mummy Says’ A simplistic guide to parenting

By Wamia Zaman

London 22 September : ‘Daddy Says Mummy Say’ is the perfect guide for parents wanting to raise their children healthily. This book entails the words of guidance that Aaryan’s Mum and Dad have said to Aaryan to support, appreciate, and guide him.

Furthermore, I also think that the design of this book contributes to the simplicity of the messages written. Each page has a short and sweet message from either the mum or dad expressing their gratitude and guiding Aaryan.

Because these messages are so simple, this is also suitable for children to read as it is digestible and easy to understand. Personally, I would recommend that parents read this book together with their children to enhance their bonding experience and create healthier relationships.

Words of affirmation are crucial for any individual – but especially children as they help children become confident in themselves and develop a growth mindset – which is quintessential if we want them to flourish in later life. My favourite affirmation in this book is ‘Daddy says ‘Aaryan, I’m glad you’re here. I’m grateful you’re in my life’’ (Page 68) because it illuminates the significance the Aaryan has: that Aaryan’s life is valuable and should be cherished. It is especially important to recognize this, as it reminds Aaryan that he is appreciated.

As this book promotes positivity and healthy relationships between children and their parents, I highly recommend that both parents and children read this book. The book is available in Amazon in both Kindle and papaerback format

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