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CARE-BAME Survey on COVID-19 Everyone’s support will be beneficial for many generations

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London, 4 December – A multi-talented group of researchers including consultant cardiologists, general practitioners, health psychologist and medical students have come together to find out the reasons for high mortality with COVID-19 in BAME communities.
The Doctors and researchers have contributed to other phenomenal studies exploring the reasons for BAME communities being affected disproportionately in other conditions. In regard to COVID-19, the researchers are exploring if communication played a role in BAME communities. This research (COVID 19 awareness: A survey on Risk & Ethnicity among BAME Community)
will prove beneficial as it will allow the findings to be used in improving how BAME communities respond and potentially improve outcomes. Weekly Surma is the community partner of the research project.

In this week’s interview Doctors, medical students and Surma editors met at a virtual conference on Saturday(21 November) to discuss this research. Among others, Clinical Lecturer of the Faculty of medicine Dr Monjur Showkat, Professor of Cardiac Surgery of Imperial college London Prof. Prakash Punjabi, Medical students Monira Khatun, Rezwana Rahman and Surma Editor Shamsul Alam Liton were joined with the conference.

All respective professionals discussed how the data will be utilised for this current pandemic and future encounters in an effort to help BAME communities respond better. C A R E BAME has also launched a website called www.carebame.com to provide information and weekly updates on this project. They have called for everyone’s contribution to filling in the survey to provide a comprehensive understanding of this matter. All have assured that everyone’s help will be beneficial in the coming years and help many generations.

The survey will take around 5-10 minutes and focuses on your experience with COVID-19. Help is provided for those who require by calling 07764290141 or emailing at hello@carebame.com. You can contribute by scanning the QR code and filling in the survey or forwarding it to others.

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